Working Experience

GREE International

iOS Engineer

January 2013 - April 2015

I joined the company at an exciting moment, my team had just added player guilds to the game. In the next year we implemented features to make the guild bonds more exciting: guild goals, guild wars, guild vs npcs, three guilds in a was a great success and the games where consistenly in the top grossing throughout 2013.

These games feature live events that engage the comunity keeping them alive and profitable over these past years. It was the perfect time to join Gree where I had the pleasure to work with and learn from a great team of engineers and whitness our product alive as a service, constantly adapting to what our players liked best.

July 13th 2013 CrimeCity, Modern War and Kingdom Age on the top grossing.

Happy - Martha Stewart apps

iOS Engineer summer intern 2012

I did my 2012 sumer intership on a New York based studio named Happy. Happy in partnership with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has launched four Martha Stewart apps.

I worked during my time at Happy mostly on 'Martha Stewart Craftstudio'. I implemented a push notifications tool in php, fixed bugs, implemented some new features and experimented ways of improving some features.

Besides my work on Craftstudio I was responsible for adapting all the apps to the about to be released iOS6.

Delirium Studios

Programer summer intern 2011

It was a great experience to work on this team of professionals who have a true passion and vision of what good games feel. During the internship I programmed a set functionalities in LUA/ Corona SDK for a game that the studio planned to develop; did level design on “Kinito Ninja” an iPhone game that has was release in March 2012. And worked on an delivered project that needed some changes in Adobe Flash and AS2 to meet client needs.